The “bathing pond of Gods” or the Devkund waterfall is one of the most scenic and beautiful places in nature’s serenity. It is a short, one-day trek, which allows the trekkers to get a break from chaos of city life. The Devkrund trek from Mumbai is characteristic of lush greenery, witnessing the massive waterfall, and finding themselves in the lap of nature. 


The Devkund waterfall is located in Bhira village of Maharashtra, which is in the Raigad district. The waterfalls lie on the rugged Western Ghats; hence, their beauty and splendour are unparalleled. Devkund waterfall is well connected by road and railway, so you need not worry about the travel.

How to Travel:

Being situated near Kolad, the Devkund waterfall is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune. The Devkund trek from Pune, around 110 km from Mumbai, is around 170 km. 


  • By Road:-

Trekkers can take their car or rent one for the journey. It takes about seven hours from Mumbai and five hours from Pune to reach the base village, Bhira. Using the Mumbai Pune Expressway is the ideal option. To reach Bhira, you will need to drive to Karjat. After some light refreshments, you have to go to Pali and their final destination, the scenic village of Bhira. You may find some problems with parking the car. So, you could rather book or rent a car because it is a one-day trek.


  • By Rail:-

The journey from Mumbai to Devkund and Pune to Devkund is pleasant and the easiest way to reach Devkund. But, even then, if you are interested in traveling by rail, there are no direct trains to Bhira from Pune or Mumbai. Instead, you must take a train from Khopoli and then a bus from there.

Best Time to Visit:-

  • The ideal time for the trek is from June to January. The majestic waterfalls and the greenery get a new lease of life during the rainy season. The surrounding valleys, streams, and dams look splendid under the cloud-filled sky. 
  • The temperature in Maharashtra remains moderate from June to January. So, the trekkers do not feel uncomfortable or face any kind of discomfort while trekking. However, the temperature starts soaring in mid-February, and the trek can be difficult to undertake under the scorching sun.

Trek Facts:-

  • The Devkund Trek is approximately five to six kilometres long one way. The trek from the base village to Devkund will take around three hours. 
  • The trek is for one day. So, this is an easy way to excuse yourself from the mundane city life and rejuvenate yourself amidst nature. 
  • The trek commences at an easy level but can get difficult towards the end. The Devkund trek difficulty is moderate. The journey from the base village to the waterfall is filled with little streams and open green fields. The trek is on plain land. There is an ascent of about 300 ft towards the end of the trek. 
  • Trekkers must carry their trekking shoes, torch, water bottle, mosquito repellent sprays, and some form of identification. An extra pair of clothes should be carried if you go for the trek in the monsoon months.
  • The Devkund waterfalls are at a majestic height of 2700 ft.


  • The Waterfall: Situated in a dense green forest called Devkund, the Devkund waterfall is a combination of three rivers. It is known as the origin of the river known as Kundalika. Devkund trek from Pune’s highlight is witnessing this lofty waterfall. It is a plunge waterfall. The waterfall comes down with a great force on the rocky surface below, forming a pool of turquoise waters. Devkund waterfalls are among the very few perennial waterfalls in Maharashtra. Hence, the waterfall is always gushing with fresh water. The forest around the waterfall is brimming with several species of trees and a host of birds and animals.After a day-long trek, when the trekkers can catch the sunset, the beauty is unparalleled. With the Tamhini Ghat sprawling in front of them and the sound of the waterfall, this can make for one of the most beautiful sunsets the trekkers will experience. The white water comes down from a height of eighty meters. Below, this waterfall forms a natural pool of approximately thirty diameters. If the trekkers carry extra clothes, they can swim in this natural pool. The cool waters of the waterfall act as a natural therapy to some. 


  • Tamhini Ghat: This mountain pass between Mulsi and Tamhini is a must visit. It is located right at the crux of the Western Ghats. It boasts several varieties of exotic plants, dense woods, mystical clouds descending on the green forest, and a myriad of streams and waterfalls. 
  • Mulsi Dam: While you are on the way to Devkund, you will cross Mulsi Dam. This hydroelectric power dam is also known as Tata Power Dam. It is situated in the base village, Bhira. Operated and run by Tata Power, the water from this dam is used for irrigation and producing electricity. The Musli Dam has a historical significance attached to it. This was the third dam constructed by the Tata Power Company Ltd. 
  • River Rafting: If you are not afraid of the water, love adventures, and have been waiting for an opportunity to go river rafting, then this is the ideal place for you. Many people who come for the Devkund trek from Mumbai go river rafting in the nearby Kundalika river. The Kundalika River is popular for river rafting and is situated only some kilometres away from the Devkund waterfalls. So, the trekkers can finish their trek and have the most adventurous experience.
  • Lush Greenery: From the base village Bhira to the waterfalls through the Devkund forest, the journey becomes even more beautiful due to the canopy of trees surrounding you. Being situated on the Western Ghats and close to the Andharban forest, this trek boasts of natural beauty to its supreme.

The Devkund trek will be a therapy for the trekkers away from the monotonous city and professional life. The trek being short can be planned for the weekend easily. So, plan your next trek to Devkund already!

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