10 Best Treks Near Mumbai


Maharashtra is a treasure trove of adventure and trekking opportunities. From the rugged Sahyadri ranges to the scenic Western Ghats, there are plenty of breathtaking trails waiting to be explored. Here’s our pick of the top 10 trekking near Mumbai that promise an unforgettable experience for adventure travelers and amateur hikers alike.

1. Harishchandragad Trek – This challenging trek takes you through steep ascents, rocky terrain and stunning vistas culminating in a visit to Kedareshwar Cave, Konkan Kada (a vertical cliff) and Taramati peak.

2. Kalsubai Trek – The highest peak in Maharashtra, this trek offers panoramic views from the summit along with cascading waterfalls en-route. This is a must do trekking near Mumbai.

3. Lohagad Trek – A relatively easy climb through lush greenery leads you to one of Shivaji’s fortresses perched atop a hill offering sweeping views over the valley below. This trekking near Mumbai is very accessible as its located in Lonavala.

4. Tikona Fort Trek – Located near Lonavala, this short but adventurous trek rewards you with enchanting views of Pawna Lake below.

5. Ratangad Trek – This historic fort located deep in the Sahyadris is surrounded by beautiful valleys making it a great destination for avid nature lovers.

6. Sandhan Valley Trek – A unique combination of rappelling, rock climbing and traversing across boulder-filled streams awaits during this exciting two-day trekking expedition

7.Torna Fort Trek- Known as Shivaji Maharaj’s first captured fort; Torna is popular amongst Trekkers because it provides awesome view right at its base village Velhe

8.Rajmachi Fort & Kalbhairavnath Temple – It combines history walk on Rajmachi plateau with breath-taking sunset view from Shrivardhan peak followed by morning hike towards Kalbhairavnath temple situated deep inside forests. This trekking near Mumbai is the best to be visited during monsoon due to its muddy terrain which gives a feel of adventure.

9.Korigad Fort- Situated close to Lonavla, this trek is great for beginners and offers an amazing view of the Aamby Valley

10. Pabhargad Trek – This lesser-known gem located in Satara district promises a thrilling experience with its steep ascent through dense forests leading to panoramic views from the summit.

So pack your bags, lace up those hiking boots and get ready to explore Maharashtra’s stunning landscape on these top 10 treks that provide unforgettable experiences.

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