If you are someone who would love the dense forests and greenery, a rich treasure of history, and is a travel enthusiast at heart, then you should be planning your next trek to Kalsubai. The Kalsubai trek near Mumbai promises to provide adventure lovers with everything they  must have dreamt of. Luscious green forests, massive waterfalls, and the wonder of trekking the 5400 ft Kalsubai peak, the highest peak in Maharashtra – make for the most exciting trek. The Kalsubai peak trek is very popular in the Sahyadri region and attracts many people. One could look intoCheck out the packages offered by Find Your Adventure for trekking in Kalsubai.

Highlights of the Kalsubai Trek:-

  • The Breathtaking Sunrise and Sunset View: The joy of scaling the highest peak of Maharashtra, Kalsubai, shall be unparalleled certainly. The trek is characteristic of lavish grasslands and historic forts. But, when one reaches the peak’s summit, the view that sprawls beyond in front their eyes is spectacular. The hues of the rising and setting sun falling on the neighbouring mountains of the Sahyadri like Kulang, Alang, Ratangad, Madan, and Ajoba makes the Kalsubai trekking worthwhile.
  • Kalsubai Temple: A trek becomes even more interesting when juxtaposed with history and nature. Trekkers can catch glimpses of certain historical forts like the Ratangad and Harihargad on their way, but the mystery and popularity of the Kalsubai Temple are unparalleled. The Kalsubai Temple carries the legend of a young girl named Kalsubai, who had extraordinary powers. When the girl had gone to scale the summit and never returned, a temple was built in her remembrance. The villagers and trekkers make a point to visit the temple when they scale the visit.
  • Trekking on Narrow Iron Ladders: This is probably the most adventurous part of the Kalsubai trek. There is a ladder section in the Kalsubai trek near Mumbai, where there are four narrow iron ladders. This becomes very adventurous as the ascent and descent of the trek are the same way. Hence, there is always a lot of traffic on the way, which makes this journey even more challenging.
  • Scenic Walk: The trek starts from Bari village, where one can catch a glimpse of the Kalsubai peak. Most villagers in Bari are farmers, and the farmlands are scattered with legumes and rice like Kolum, Tukda, and Indrani. One shall find vibrant colours in the fruits and vegetables that grow there in large quantities. Bari is populated with dhabbas, where . Hence the trekkers can stop at one of those dhabbas for a quick lunch. This is easily the most enjoyable and comfortable part of the trek.

Points to Remember:-

  • The Kalsubai trek can be undertakenis accessible at any time of the yearthroughout the year. From July to September, the monsoon season, one gets to catch the lush green landscape. So, one should try and plan the trek in the monsoon months.
  • There is nothing better than choosing a morning trek.
  • Trekking shoes, appropriate clothes, power bank, and all other necessary items should be carried by trekkers.

Kalsubai is easily reachable from both Mumbai and Pune. The monsoons, greenery, majestic mountains, and the mystical temple make up for the most adventurous trek one could think about.

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