Regarded as one of the best beaches in the world, Radhanagar Beach is undoubtedly the best beach in India. Times magazine in 2020 named the beach the “best beach in Asia” and the “7th best beach in the world.” Due to its stunning beauty and rank, the beach is often termed Beach Number 7. The beach is situated on one of the most visited islands, Havelock Island, of the Indian archipelago, Andaman Island. Coconut and palm trees line the sandy beach, from where you can witness the most beautiful sunsets. Boasting several water sports and many more exciting things, this is one of the places you cannot miss when you go to Andaman!

How to Reach:-

  • The Veer Savarkar International Airport of Port Blair is well-connected with several cities in the country. Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, and Kolkata have direct flights to Port Blair. Other cities like Bombay or Pune have connecting flights to the capital city of the Andaman Islands. 
  • After reaching Port Blair, you have to reach Havelock Islands. You have to board a catamaran named Makruzz. This ferry ride takes around ninety minutes. It is fully air-conditioned, and you can select from the three options they provide – Royal, Deluxe, and Premium. The fare for the catamaran starts at Rupees 1500 per person and then goes above.
  • If you want a different experience, you can board a small plane from Port Blair to Havelock Islands. This will be costlier than the earlier option but will be an experience. The plane allows for eight-passenger booking, with each passenger getting a window seat. 
  • After reaching Havelock Island, you can take a rickshaw or any other mode of local transport to the beach. The beach is situated about twelve kilometers away from the Havelock Islands jetty.

Highlights of the Beach:-

  • Snorkeling: In snorkeling, you swim through the water with a diving mask, swimfins, and a breathing tube called a snorkel. Andaman and Nicobar Islands has state-of-the-art facilities when it comes to water sport activities. With proper merchandise and trained instructors, you rest assured of having the best experience. You will be able to witness a vast collection of coral reefs, thousands of small fishes, and exotic aquatic animals.
  • Elephant Beach: This is situated only two kilometers from Beach Number 7. Along with Radhanagar, Elephant Beach is among the most visited beaches. Standing true to its name, you can spot elephants here. With the clear blue turquoise water, a multitude of water sports activities, and several bird-watching spots – Elephant Beach should be a must in your Andaman Islands itinerary.
  • Neil’s Cove: It will take you a few minutes to walk down the beach to reach Neil’s Cove. This serene lagoon is not a very popular tourist destination but certainly one of the most beautiful spots on the Andaman Islands. This lagoon is constituted of enclosed coral reefs and heavy vegetation. You can trek for about ten minutes from Beach Number 7, and you will reach this serene place. You can witness the wild side of the sea over here. On a good day, you can spot a few crocodiles as well. For those who love photography, Neil’s Cove is the ideal place for you. The water is not very deep. Hence you can go snorkeling here. Rocks with unique formations line the beach. On one end of the beach is a lush green forest, home to millions of birds and animals. 
  • Full Moon café: Eating authentic local food when you visit a place is a must. Several eateries and cafés line Radhanagar Beach, but Full Moon café is a must-visit. Owned by an Indian-Irish couple, this is a famous eating spot on the beach due to its many food options. This is among the few cafes that serve seafood cooked in local spices. Besides, one also gets Indian, Mexican, Italian, and other local dishes. 

Best Time to Visit:-

  • In the summer months, from March to May, the temperature ranges from twenty-eight to thirty degrees Celsius. It is the ideal weather to take part in water sports activities. At night, the sky is clear, and if you are lucky, you may spot the core of the Milky Way galaxy.
  • June to September is the monsoon period in the Andaman islands. You should avoid visiting the islands this time. Due to heavy rain and rough tides, you won’t be able to participate in the water sports activities either.
  • In the winter months, the temperature ranges from 15 to twenty-five degrees Celsius from October to March. This makes it the ideal time for tourists to visit.

So, without much further thought, you should plan your next trip to Radhanagar Beach!

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