Also called “God’s Own Country”, Kerala is located in India’s Malabar Coast. Arabian Sea flanks the coastal line of the state. If you are looking for an ideal trip down south, then you should make a trip to Kerala. Boasting of palm-lined sandy beaches, backwaters, houseboats, Malayali cuisine and a rich culture – Kerala has everything that you are looking for in your dream destination. Whether it be Munnar, Kovalam or Alappuzha, Kerala has a lot in store for the tourists. Kerala boasts of an incredible wildlife like tigers and elephants. You can look through Kerala trip package online before deciding your trip. 

How to Reach:-

  • By Air: Kerala is the only state in India which has four airports. These airports administer both domestic and international flights. These airports namely the Cochin, Trivandrum, Kannur and Kozhikode airports make flying in and out of Kerala accessible for everyone. The airports have direct flights with most cities in India. Trivandrum International Airport is the oldest among all the four. It is also centrally located. The airport, being situated in the southern part of the state, makes the beaches of Kovalam and Varkala accessible. Cochin International Airport is the busiest among all the airports in Kerala. Cochin Airport has direct flights from almost all cities in the country. This airport also helps you easily access Munnar, Alleppey and Kumarakom. 
  • By Train: The duration of the travel here will be longer compared to air. But, the scenic beauty which you will experience of the Konkan coastline and Western Ghats. Trains are available from all cities whether it be New Delhi or Bangalore. Except the districts, Wayanad and Idukki, all other districts are connected via rail. Hence, travelling via train will not be a problem for you.

10 Things You Need to Do When You Are In Kerala:-

  • Residing in a Houseboat in Alleppey: Kerala is not only famous for its backwaters but also the houseboats, which one gets to see in these waters. Sailing in a houseboat in Alleppey can make for one of the most soothing and ethereal experiences possible for you. Your Kerala tour will always be incomplete without staying in a houseboat. There are several packages for houseboats available online. They can range from extremely luxurious to modest houseboats, which you can choose according to your budget. 
  • Fort Kochi: Fort Kochi is situated facing the sea. The fort is famous for the amalgamation of different architectural styles like the Dutch, Portuguese and British. Located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala, this was the first official European township in India. You can witness massive fish nets being thrown into the waters along St. Francis Church, Bastion Bungalow, and Vasco Da Gama Square. 
  • Cuisine: Your trip to a place is not complete if you have not had the local cuisine that the place offers. Some of the food items which you must try when you are in Kerala are – idiyappam with curry, appam with ishtu, parippu curry and Kerala style prawn curry among many other dishes.
  • Munnar: Situated in the Western Ghats mountain range, this used to be a former resort of the British Raj. The hill station is characteristic of tea plantations, rolling hills and gorgeous valleys. Munnar is home to the Eravikulam National Park. The park hosts the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Other noteworthy locations are the Lakkam Waterfalls and the Anamudi Peak.
  • Theyyam: If you are someone who enjoys cultural performance or is an enthusiast of dance and music, then you must attend the theyyam. Theyyam has the ideal combination of dance, music, culture and tradition. These performances are generally held in front of the temples or Kerala Museum at Kochi.
  • Residing in a Tree House: Kerala has too many surprises planned for its visitors. If you have been waiting to enjoy the serenity of living in a tree house, Kerala has several eco-friendly tree houses in the dense forests of the city. Tree houses are becoming a regular feature of the Kerala trip packages.
  • Sandalwood Forest: Maryoor is a small town in Idukki district. This place has not been explored or visited by tourists that often. Maryoor is home to sandalwood forests and prehistoric rocks, which have carvings imprinted on them. 
  • Ambukuthi Hills: The legend of the Ambukuthi Hills can be traced back to the Mahabharata and the Stone Age. Like the Ellora in Maharashtra, these caves are also filled with paintings and carvings of the prehistoric and Vedic times. The hill located around the Edakkal caves, is a natural wonder that should not be missed.
  • Snake Boat Race: If you are visiting Kerala during Onam, then you cannot miss witnessing the gigantic snake boat race. Colourful snake boats, filled with rowers, compete with each other in the backwaters of Alleppey. If you are in Kerala from July to September, make sure you witness this spectacle.
  • Bamboo Rafting: If you are a fan of adventure, then you must try out bamboo rafting in Kerala. You can try bamboo rafting in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

So, when you are in Kerala, do not forget to try out these things!

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