Also referred to as the “Kashmir of the South”, Munnar is among the most visited places in Kerala. Munnar is characteristic of rolling hills, beautiful valleys and enormous tea plantations. If you are visiting Kerala, Munnar is one of the places that you cannot miss visiting in Kerala. The flora and fauna of Munnar is unbeatable when compared to any other destination in the country. Munnar is located at 1600 feet above the sea level. The very unique Neelakurniji flower grows here. The uniqueness of this flower is that it blooms once in twelve years. There are several tour packages for Munnar like Munnar honeymoon tour, if you are interested in visiting Munnar.

Tips Before Visiting Munnar:-

  • Best Time to Visit Munnar: Munnar is a hill station and has a comfortable weather throughout the year. Hence, you can visit any time of the year, according to your suiting. But, Munnar is in its natural glory during the months of October to May. The temperature during these months range between five to twenty-five Celsius. Hence, it is comfortable for you to go around the town.
  • Booking Your Hotel Beforehand: Munnar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. Especially, if you are going to Munnar during its peak season in winter, the town remains packed with people. So, you should book your hotel in advance, by looking into Munnar tour package.

History of Munnar:-

It was in 1870, with the visit of the British Resident, John Daniel Munro, that Munnar came into contact with the outside world. Munro, who fell in love with the beauty of the place, also had an interest in plantation.

Munro discovered that the Kanan Devan Hills would be the most suitable for plantation. After a meeting with the royal family and having won their confidence, Munro started with the plantation work. This plantation in later years, would ultimately be the reason for Munnar’s popularity.

Around 1924, due to a disastrous and untimely monsoon, destroyed several plantation fields. Landslides and flooding changed the landscape of the region to a great extent. It was with the emergence of the Tatas in Munnar, that there was major reconstruction of the landscape. Thus, Munnar was restored back to its former glory.

Places to See in Munnar:-

  • Mattupetty: This is a compulsory spot in all Munnar tour packages. It is a thirteen kilometre drive from Munnar. The journey from Munnar to Mattupetty is through a winding road and amid rolling valleys and tea plantation. Mattupetty is a hill station, which is located about 1700 m above the sea level. The place is characteristic of rolling green hills, a serene lake and dam. You can boat on the lake and it is an activity which you cannot afford to miss. Located about seven kilometres away from Mattupetty is Kundala. Kundala, too has large tea plantations and rolling hills. If you are looking for an ideal place to conduct your picnic, then Kundala is the most ideal place. Kundala is also home to the Kundala Club, that has a rich colonial history. If you are a history enthusiast, then you should not miss out on visiting the club.
  • Eravikulam National Park: This National Park is a major tourist attraction of Munnar. Spread across ninety- seven square kilometres, if you are an animal lover, you cannot miss visiting this place. The National Park is home to the Nilgiri Tahr. It is an endangered species of the mountain goat. Backed with state-of-the-art facility, the administration has been successful in protecting and preserving the Nilgiri Tahr with utmost care. Another major attraction of the park is the Anamudi Peak, which lies inside the park. The Peak is the highest mountain in South India. The Neelakurnji flower, which blossoms once in twelve years, can also be seen in the park.
  • Neelakurnji National Park: Neelakurinji is a unique flower which blooms once every twelve years. Thus, in a noble move, the Government of Kerala declared in 2006, to protect the flower. This would ultimately preserve this unique biodiversity of Kerala. Around thirty-two square kilometre area around the Kottakamboor and Vattavada region was declared as the national park which preserves and conserves this unique flower. The decision was applauded and welcomed by tourists and conservationists all around the world.

Thus, when you are in Munnar, do not miss out on these !

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