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Meghalaya Backpacking Tour Package

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4 Nights 5 Days

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

30 people


English, Hindi


  • Witness the mesmerizing scenic views of Meghalaya
  • Witness the crystal clear water of Dawki river
  • Explore the legendary double root bridge
  • Experience cliff jumping and zipline
  • Witness the breathtaking views from the Shillong peak


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Day 1: Arrive at Guwahati

  • Reach Kamakhya station at 10:30 am, join the batch coming from Guwahati.

  • We will start from the Guwahati airport around 10 AM followed by pickup from Kamakhya at 11 AM then drive on NH40

  • We visit Umiam lake & Ziplining at Mawkdok Valley

  • Dinner and overnight Stay in Bamboo Cottages in Shillong
  • Day 2: Pongtung - Dawki - Krang Shuri - Shnongpdeng - Dawki - Pongtung

  • Boating & Cliff-Jumping in transparent waters of Umngot river, Dawki

  • Krang Shuri Waterfalls.

  • Cliff-Jumping in transparent waters of Umngot River, Dawki.

  • Dinner and overnight Stay in Bamboo Cottages in Shillong
  • Day 3: Riwai - Mawkdok Valley - Cherrapunjee

  • Mawryngkhang bamboo trail & you can get into the natural water pools.

  • Visit the Wei Sawdong Waterfalls.

  • Dinner and Overnight stay at Jungle Resort in Cherrapunjee.
  • Day 4: Cherrapunjee - Tyrna - Nongriat - Cherrapunjee

  • Trek from Tyrna to Nongriat.

  • Double-decker root bridge. (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

  • Walking over Living root bridges and Suspension bridges.

  • Natural swimming pool.

  • Rainbow waterfalls. (One of the must-visit places of Meghalaya)

  • Dinner and Overnight stay at Jungle Resort in Cherrapunjee.
  • Day 5: Cherrapunjee - Nohkalikai Waterfalls - Guwahati Airport

  • After breakfast, we visit Nohkalikai Waterfalls.

  • Drive back to Shillong.

  • Take 3 PM train from Kamakhya station to Mumbai

  • (You can plan your return journey after 6:00 PM from Guwahati Airport.)
  • Included/Excluded

    • Guwahati to Guwahati transportation
    • Accommodation
    • Food (04 Breakfast & 04 Dinner)
    • Boating & cliff jumping with safety gear in Dawki river
    • First aid
    • Local guides
    • Certified organizers
    • Zip-Lining at Mawkdok.
    • Bike Fuel in case you opted for a bike
    • Anything which is not mentioned above.
    • Any kind of personal expenses, optional tours, insurance, laundry.
    • Costs incidental to any changes in the itinerary due to bad weather or natural calamities which is beyond our control.

    Additional information

    Things to keep in Mind while visiting Meghalaya

  • If you want to visit the waterfalls, then visit during monsoons
  • You can witness cherry blossoms during November
  • The best time to visit Meghalaya is from October to February
  • Respect the local culture

  • ID proof
  • Cap/Hats
  • Sunscreen, moisturizer/Insect repellent
  • Charger/Power-banks
  • Camera
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Torch
  • Glares
  • Rainwear/Umberalla
  • Sweater/Jacket
  • Pair of clothes
  • Towel
  • Casual shoes and flip-flops
  • Sanitary Kit
  • Please avoid wearing Gold and other costly jewellery (at your own risk)
  • Personal medicines(if any) An extra bag to keep your wet clothes
  • Water bottle (Minimum 1-2 litre)
  • Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • If cancellations are made 30 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • If cancellations are made within 30 to 0 days before the start date of the trip, 100% of the trip cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • Durations

    Multi day




    Can I join this Meghalaya Trip solo?
    Yes, you are welcome to join solo for the Meghalaya tour. We have many Solo Trippers on all of our
    Meghalaya tour packages. The Meghalaya trip is planned in such a way that you will not only enjoy
    yourself but also make new friends with the other fellow trippers.
    What is the group size for the Meghalaya trip?
    A group of 15-30 people is preferred on our Meghalaya trip. We prefer smaller groups in our
    Meghalaya tour packages because we think that a close-knitted group will help us in giving personal
    care to everyone, and a small group makes it possible for everyone to know their fellow tourmates
    better, making the whole experience of the trip more enriching.
    What type of accommodation will be provided on the Meghalaya trip
    On Meghalaya tour package accommodation will be in homestays, hotels, and camps on a triple
    sharing basis. If you’re a couple, inform us beforehand as dual-sharing accommodation will have an
    additional charge. We will make sure that you have a comfortable stay during the trip.
    Is there any age limit for the Meghalaya trip?
    Yes. The maximum age limit to join the Meghalaya trip is 35 years. People above the age of 35 will
    not be allowed on the Meghalaya tour packages. It is important that travellers are within the
    prescribed age limit on the day of departure, otherwise they will not be eligible to join. We follow
    this age criterion very strictly and cannot make any exceptions whatsoever.
    We feel that if the age group is narrow it will lead to a better experience for our travellers when they
    visit a destination and the whole experience of the trip will be more fun since people are going to be
    on the same wavelength. Plus, it is always great when people make friends and keep in touch later.
    If I’m the only girl for the Meghalaya trip, is it safe to travel?
    Yes. It is completely safe for you to travel if you are the only girl on the Meghalaya trip. On our
    Meghalaya tour packages, we generally have many girls joining us so there is a high possibility that
    you are not the only girl on the trip. There are high chances that you will befriend other fellow
    trippers on the Meghalaya trip and have a great time with them, making new friends.

    Also, much of our staff are women as well. We give great importance to the safety of a woman and
    assure you that you will be under the care of safe and reliable people on the Meghalaya Tour.
    Is there any arrangement for a campfire during the Meghalaya trip?
    Yes, a bonfire night is included in the Meghalaya trip at Dawaki, where we will be camping beside the Dawki river. Campfire jam, dancing, and soothing music sessions are our specialty. We will have an amazing time sharing stories, laughing, gossiping, and relaxing around the bonfire making memories for a lifetime
    Are any meals included?
    Yes, the Meghalaya tour package includes breakfast for the 5 days of the trip and we will also arrange for dinner at Dawki camping site.
    What type of clothes should I bring for the Meghalaya tour?
    For the Meghalaya tour, you should bring warm, woolen clothes as the weather in Meghalaya can be quite unpredictable. It is also essential that you carry waterproof jackets and umbrellas as protection from rain and wind.
    What is the best time to go for a Meghalaya trip ?
    People generally visit Meghalaya throughout the year. But, the best time to go for a Meghalaya trip is between October and June. The average temperature during that time ranges between 16°C to 30°C. But, Meghalaya has pleasant weather all year around and hence you can explore its beauty anytime.
    Are there any water sports activities included in the package?
    Yes, water sport activities like kayaking and boating are included in the Meghalaya tour package. You can enjoy yourselves by having a thrilling experience in the Dawki river, which is the cleanest river of India. These water sports will provide you with a great lifetime experience and you will go back home with lots of memories. Braving the mighty waters, and the huge splashes will quench your thirst for adventure.
    Does the itinerary include any visit to any cave?
    Yes, a visit to Mawsmaii and Arwah Caves are included in the tour Package. The Mawsmaii caves have plenty of stalagmites and stalactites as you venture deeper. While the Arwah cave is famous for the formation of limestone and fossils of small animals like fish bones or shells.

    Both the caves are quite deep and long, which can get you excited and nervous at the same time. Tourists can only visit about 150m of the caves without any restriction.
    Does this tour package include a visit to any waterfalls?
    Yes, a visit to the Krang Suri waterfall, the Seven Sisters (Nohsngithiang) Falls and the Nohkalikai Falls is included.

    Krang Shuri Waterfall

    The Krang Suri waterfall is a marvelous sight where you can go boating or swimming. But, you have to be careful of the slippery rocks underneath.

    Nohsngithiang waterfalls

    As the name suggests, the Seven Sisters or Nohsngithiang waterfalls are divided into 7 parts over the cliffs, depicting the 7 North-Eastern states. It even provides a spectacular view of the surroundings, perfect for photography lovers.

    Nohkalikai Falls

    The Nohkalikai Falls, also called the tallest plunge waterfall in India, gives you a grand impression of the mighty waterfall, falling from a gorge, at a towering height of 1,115ft creating a green pool down below. It’s truly a sight to behold.
    What type of vehicle will be used for transportation for the Meghalaya tour?
    For the Meghalaya tour, we will be using vehicles like Tempo Travelers, Inova, and others alike for transportation.

    What is the list of medical things necessary during the Meghalaya tour?
    During the Meghalaya trip, it is important that if you suffer from any particular illness like diabetes or high blood pressure you carry all the specific medications with you and inform us about the same beforehand in case of any emergencies. You must also bring medicines and pills for headache, vomiting, stomach pain, and digestive problems with you on the trip.
    Is first aid included in the Meghalaya tour package?
    Yes, first aid is included in the Meghalaya tour package. We carry a first aid kit with us containing band-aids, cotton, and dettol in case of immediate emergencies.

    Medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes are also available at a short distance in Meghalaya in case anyone needs to be admitted immediately or severely injures themselves during the trip.
    Are there any network connectivity issues in Meghalaya?
    There are usually no network issues in Meghalaya. The network connectivity is pretty good. While BSNL gives the best network connection, Reliance Jio also has a good network coverage. However, in remote areas, like villages or when you are exploring the caves down below the connection might fluctuate.
    Where are there any ATMs located in Meghalaya?
    There are many ATMs available in the main town of Meghalaya. However, although the rural areas do have ATMs they are comparatively fewer in number and you have to wait in long queues for transactions. Therefore it is advisable that you carry sufficient cash with you during the Meghalaya trip.
    Can the Meghalaya tour package be personalized?
    Yes, we can personalize the Meghalaya tour package for you if you have a group of more than 10 people for the trip. You can share your ideas and opinions and after analyzing them we can arrange the trip especially for your group on your preferred date.
    Is Meghalaya a safe place to visit?
    Yes, Meghalaya is absolutely a safe place for tourists to visit. The people of Meghalaya are still deeply connected to their roots and culture. The local people are extremely warm and welcoming to the tourists, and even the local authorities are quite friendly, making the place one of the safest states of India.
    Is Meghalaya a good place for a honeymoon?
    Yes, Meghalaya is definitely a good place for a honeymoon. Meghalaya itself is the source of alluring dream destinations, having several captivating sites that serve as romantic destinations.

    You will come across gigantic waterfalls like the Seven Sisters waterfalls, the Dainthlen Falls, the crystal clear Dawki River, the double decker root bridge and many more gorgeous locations with lush greenery that serve as the perfect backdrop for a romantic honeymoon!
    How does the temperature range in summer in Meghalaya?
    The temperature range of Meghalaya in summer is around 16C°– 31C°. The summers here are quite pleasant with the sun often playing peek-a-boo, hiding behind the clouds, giving an overcast sky. This is the ideal time for adventure seekers to explore the untouched beauty of Meghalaya and the perfectly cool climate also allows you to rest indoors peacefully.

    For those who want to learn about the Meghalayan culture, the summer months are also perfect for them as many festivals are held during that time. Shad Suk Mynsiem is one such festival that happens every year in April, which celebrates the indomitable spirit of the Khasi tribe
    How does the temperature range in winter in Meghalaya?
    The temperature range of Meghalaya in winter in Meghalaya is around 4-10°C. The days are quite warm in winter as the sun shines brightly during the daytime, however, the temperature drops significantly at night accompanied by chilly winds. Winters in Meghalaya are about enjoying the foggy weather and exploring the hamlets.

    This season also has its fair share of memorable festivals. The Strawberry Festival being the most significant as it celebrates the hard work of farmers as well as the immense production of strawberries during the winter months.
    Can children accompany me on the Meghalaya tour?
    Yes, your children can definitely accompany you on the Meghalaya tour. For 3-8 year-old kids you are required to pay 50% while, for kids 8 years and above you need to make the full payment.
    Is it safe for a female solo traveller on the Meghalaya tour?
    Yes, Meghalaya is one of the safest places for female solo travelers. Women in Meghalaya are very empowered, handling family businesses and following a matrilineal tradition. In recent times many women travel solo to explore the heavenly beauty of Meghalaya.
    What are the famous cuisines of Meghalaya which we can try on the tour?
    Some of the famous cuisines found in Meghalaya which you can try on the trip are as follows:

    1. Jadoh – Jadoh is one of the most popular dishes of Meghalaya. The dish contains red rice served with pork. But you can also enjoy it with fish and chicken. Ingredients like bay leaves, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper make it smell and taste delicious!

    2. Nakham Bitchi – When in Meghalaya you can also try the Nakham Bitchi for snacks which is a delicious soup made out of Nakham or dried fish. The soup has a thick texture and the spicy chillies make it even more perfect.

    3. Doh-Khlieh – Another interesting dish of Meghalaya is Doh-Khlieh which is basically a tasty and healthy salad consisting of chillies, onions, and minced pork, often served with bread.

    4. Tungrymbai – This meal is made out of fermented soya beans and mixed with diced and boiled pork, black sesame, ginger, onion, and other tasty spices which brings out the wonderful flavor!

    5. Pukhlein – To satiate your sweet tooth, Meghalaya also offers you with its fantastic dish known as Pukhlein which comprises powdered rice, mixed with jaggery. This mixture is fried and after it gets thickened is served with meat or simply as a sweet dish.

    What kind of wildlife is found in Meghalaya?

    Meghalaya is a home to many wild animals. The wildlife commonly found here are barking deer, sambar, elephants, Himalayan Black bear, sloth bear, yellow throated Marten, and large Indian civets.

    Predatory animals like leopards, Indian wolves, marbled cats, and Indian wild dogs are also found. Rare birds which inhabit the forests of Meghalaya are the Rufous Necked Hornbill, Himalayan Grey headed Fish Eagle, Blyth’s Baza Painted Stork, Long Billed Vulture, and the Wood Srupe.

    One of the rarest animals found in Meghalaya is the clouded leopard which is also one of the most endangered species in India. Meghalaya is also inhabited by the Hoolock Gibbon which is the only ape that is found in India and the Capped Langur, both considered to be endangered species.

    Meghalaya has 2 national parks and 4 Wildlife Sanctuaries.

    National Parks:

    1. Balpakram National Park

    2. Nokrek National Park

    Wildlife Sanctuaries

    1. Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary

    2. Narpuh Wildlife Sanctuary

    3. Siju Wildlife Sanctuary

    4. Baghmara Pitcher Plant Sanctuary

    What are the exclusions of the Meghalaya tour package?
    The exclusions of the Meghalaya tour package are as follows:

  • Anything which is not included in the inclusions list

  • Food or beverage charges which are not included in the package

  • Insurance

  • Costing charges are involved due to any kind of natural calamity, or forced circumstances, which are out of our control.
  • How to reach Meghalaya from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore?
    The fastest way to reach Meghalaya is by taking a flight from Mumbai to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport at Guwahati and then a road trip to Shillong through NH6 which is approximately 106 Kms.

    The cheapest way to reach Meghalaya from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore is to take a train to Guwahati from your respective towns. Afterwards, you can board a bus to Meghalaya or Shillong, the road distance between Shillong and Guwahati is around 100 Km via NH6.
    What is the language spoken in Meghalaya?
    The local language of Meghalaya spoken by the people residing there is Khasi. As the region is mainly populated by tribal, the principal languages spoken by the local people include Khasi, Garo, and Pnar. English is the official language which is spoken in Meghalaya.
    What are the things I can buy while shopping in Meghalaya?
    Meghalaya has many unique shopping items that cannot be found in any other region of India. The most famous of them are products made out of bamboo and cane. There are superbly designed items like mats, boxes, caps, and stools made completely out of bamboo that are both artistic and durable.The other things you can buy when in Meghalaya are as follows:

    Shawls and Stoles– The most exquisite, handcrafted shawls and stoles carved in beautiful motifs are famous in Meghalaya, which can be an ideal gift to take back home or use it yourself! The shawls and stoles are available in a wide range of colors and are known to keep the cold at bay!

    Handicrafts – Bamboo handicrafts are one of the famous handicrafts found in the local markets of Meghalaya, These handicrafts are usually known for their durability and strength. You can buy vases, bottles, and baskets carved out of the bamboo. Wooden handicrafts, showpieces, and other decorative items are also famous in Meghalaya.

    Scottish Clothes – The Scottish dress materials, found in Meghalaya are quite fashionable. They are very beautiful and warm. You can easily make skirts, shirts, or jackets from these dress materials. Also, they come at a cheap price, Rs 250 per metre.

    Organic products – Meghalaya has plenty of organic products for you to select from. You can buy delicious jams and jellies which are made from the Meghalayan local fruit called Sohiong, organic peaches, and pineapple, along with fresh turmeric, and cashews. Essential oils like perlia, Cedar, and lemongrass are also bought widely.

    How are the road conditions in Meghalaya?
    The roads in Meghalaya are mostly in good condition. The roads are broader allowing the easy flow of traffic. But some stretches like a patch of road about 10kms from Shillong to Dawki are in a little bad shape. But apart from that places like Cherrapunjee, Mawlynnong, Shillong have great roads, without any curves which you will surely enjoy!
    Which is the nearest airport to Meghalaya?
    Umroi which is located at a distance of about 35kms from Shillong is the nearest airport to Meghalaya.The distance between Umroi to Meghalaya is 121.9 kms via NH106. It will take you approximately three and a half hours.

    Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport at Guwahati is the second nearest airport to Meghalaya. It is situated at a distance of 128kms from Shillong. The distance between Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport and Meghalaya is 154.5kms via SH 3.
    What are the adventure activities to do in Meghalaya?
    The serene beauty of Meghalaya also offers a spectacular option for adventure sports. The following are the most anticipated and celebrated adventure activities in Meghalaya.

    1. Canyoning – Canyoning is a thrilling activity which can be enjoyed in the waters of Umngot river in Meghalaya. There will be an instructor who will guide you in braving the aggressive water splashes and you will have a great time!

    2. Trek to Double Decker Living Root Bridge – The trek to the double decker living root bridge in Meghalaya is about an one and a half hour walk amongst dense forests, filled with the sound of ruffling water streams and lots of birds and crickets. It is quite interesting and gives you the experience of a lifetime.

    3. Cave explorations – Cave explorations comprise the key highlight of the Meghalaya tour. Exploring the Maswami Caves and Arwah Caves is an adventurous activity as you witness the dark, curving rocks made of limestones and marvel at how deep they go!

    4. Ziplining - Ziplining at Cherrapunji is a must do activity while on the Meghalaya tour. The rush and feel of ziplining, gliding across in the air, amongst the clouds looking down upon the beautiful valley at Mawkdok and Dympep will give you a superb adrenaline rush!

    Is smoking and drinking allowed on the Meghalaya tour?
    Yes, you can drink alcohol only during the night. Smokers can smoke, provided that they don’t make the others around them or the non-smoking people uncomfortable.
    What are some of the famous markets one can visit in Meghalaya tour?
    Some of the famous markets one can visit in the Meghalaya tour are as follows:

    Dawki market: Located along the banks of Dawki river, the Dawki river hosts a wide variety of eateries which serve delicious dishes like rice cakes, spicy non-veg curries, and steamed rice. You can also visit the Dawki Kali Mandir there.

    Hat Thymmai: The Hat Thymmai market has loads of items stocked up from daily groceries, essential medicines, organic cosmetics, delicious chocolates, and even a pint of beer. Once a week the market also displays exotic Bangladeshi products.

    Gokolgre Daily Market: If you want to try some authentic, local Meghalayan cuisine, then Gokolgre Market is your ideal place! Several grocery items, clothing, and meat shops are also found here.

    Lew Sohra Bazaar:The Lew Sohra Bazaar is one of the famous markets of Meghalaya especially for fashion enthusiasts as they provide some of the best jewelleries and accessories at a cheap price! Be it junk jewellery, hats, sandals, or souvenirs like miniature figurines, and wooden items, Lew Sohra Bazaar is a must visit!


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