Northern Ari Atoll


North Ari atoll, also known as Alif Alif Atoll, is one of the huge natural atolls in Maldives . North Ari atoll is the upper portion of the Ari atoll which was divided into two halves for the smooth functioning of administration. Capital being Rasdhoo, the atoll is like a perfect hemisphere of island stretches that would, together with its southern twin, form a complete circle of nicely positioned Ari atoll which has 105 islands in total that would stretche over 89 by 3 kilometers area. It is accessible by an approximately 30 minute long seaplane flight from Male city. For its pristine coral reef houses and endless collection of crystal clear lagoons along with small islets and sandbars which would facilitate best experience of diving and snorkeling, there developed various private island resorts of five star luxury.

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