Travel Dhanil Vira Adventure Biking Sports NinjaDhanil Vira is a computer engineer in the head yet lives with a biker’s heart. With his software engineering profession he’s a SAP consultant at Accenture while living his passion for bikes at MotorBeam by riding and reviewing them. He gets an adrenaline rush with every 2-wheeler he samples. Dhanil loves stunting, doing top speed runs and drag racing. He also loves smoking rubber, burnouts are his identity. A vegetarian yet an avid foodie, he has been a cyclist since he was 3 years old and got his first battery scooter in the year 2000. Dhanil dreams of owning a McLaren since NFS2 and riding the jet powered MTT Y2K bike. Including all the bikes he has ridden, he has covered over 2 lakh kms till date. He also wishes to go flat out on a BMW S1000RR HP4 on the Autobahns of Germany and have a top speed record on the Bonneville salt flats of Utah.



Travel Adventure introvertLloyd Dsouza, like many of us, is a victim of corporate slavery who works during the weekdays and in his free time, works on the content for his videos.Believe it or not, Lloyd used to be an introvert because of a strict upbringing. However, as a kid he was pretty familiar with assembling computers. The priest from Holy Cross church used to take Lloyd’s assistance in assembling computers for his school. The priest moved to Dadra and Nagar Haveli, which was 5 hours away. So whenever the priest would call him to assemble the computers, Lloyd would take a friend along with him to avoid getting bored. He knew the golden rules of convincing a friend to tag along and those were, to pay for their trip and treat them well, basically make them have a good time. He did this for a year.His allowance from his father was always bare minimum but Lloyd was ingenious. He joined call center’s as a soft skills trainer. The salary that he received from this was used to fund his college fee.One day, Lloyd had to go to meet the priest and none of his friends were able to join him. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He interacted with so many people and enjoyed every single bit of it. For the first time, Lloyd had tasted the feeling of traveling and exploring by himself and after that, there was no stopping.


 Khushi Shah is a self-proclaimed ambivert who lives to travel and loves to read. She is the girl at the window seat, happily gazing out without a care in the world.You will find her sitting in a cozy cafe with her head either between the pages of a book or on her beloved kindle, or you will find her chatting away with strangers. When not traveling, she is a full time event strategist and manager who finds utmost joy in helping her clients get the event that they visualized. Beyond this, she freelances as a voice over artist, artist manager, copy editor, travel writer and creative consultant for cafes and restaurants because she believes that a creative person cannot have just one job!




Kaustubh Nagaonkar is a Management Consultant at Morgan Stanley, but what sets him free is travel and adventure. He quotes himself as a traveler and not a tourist. He is a member of the Royal Enfield club and believes that riding is a way to meditate. He has been on multiple bike rides across India and the coastal Maharashtra ride is one of his favourites. Living the moment is something that clearly defines Kaustubh!





Trek Himalayas National Treks

Pushkar Dani is a keen adventurer and traveller. He has a passion for trekking and has completed more than 50 treks in the sahayadris. He has also completed 5 national level Himalayan treks. He loves travelling to new places and experiencing the feel of new cultures.  Pushkar is now a blogger for Find Your Adventure and he immensely contributes to the website.






Monish Koyott is a software developer by profession and a part time YouTuber working on his own channel, “CarStudio”. He is a travel and adventure enthusiast. He is also a sports lover who is up for any kind of sports, particularly football. He believes that actions are more powerful than words. He lives by the mantra mantra, ”if you believe that God is watching you, the least you can do is be entertaining!”