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At some point, most of us have faced serious budget restraints. But our adventures and dreams know no bounds, right? So here’s some good news for you. Scuba diving on a budget. Yes, you heard that right! Our blogger Monish has shared his wonderful scuba diving experience with Find Your Adventure.

Monish went to Tarkarli beach for his scuba dive. He took a train from Mumbai to Pune. He then took a bus from Pune to Kudal and then finally an auto to reach his destination.

The weather on that day was nice and sunny. As he recalls this experience, he describes his feelings just before the dive. He was very excited about his first dive and had no traces of nervousness at all.

Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

The entire dive took about 30 minutes, including the training. The trainers were very helpful and made sure that all the safety measures were taken into serious consideration. He also talks about how it was that moment of solace! All the pressures of life were left behind in the sand. It was just him and the marine life, swimming away to glory! He felt a great sense of contentment and had an amazing time in the deep sea.

Cost of the activity: Rs 800

Blog post by Monish Koyott

Interviewed by Supriya Dubey

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