Spectacular Skydive Experience at the Palm, Dubai

The wait was finally over, it was the day I was going to skydive. An entire month of anticipation was finally going to turn into a reality. Myself along with three of my friends left from our college campus in Dubai towards what was going to be the best experience of our lives. On our way to Skydive Dubai we got a lot of unexpected traffic which made us even more anxious about getting there. After an hour long ride of anticipation we finally made it to Skydive Dubai.

Skydive Dubai

We were one of the first people there. As soon as we entered their premise the nervous excited energy set in. There was a confusion of feelings as we were so excited about doing something so adventurous at the same time we were really nervous because after all we were jumping out of a plane! We filled out our formality forms and had to wait for our names to be announced.

“Shashideep, Anchit, Aashna and Shaam-bhavi”, said the Australian lady working there. She clearly couldn’t pronounce my friend, Shambhavi’s name right but we were all stoked that finally it was our moment. We were all given our general briefing and were equipped with our harness. Prior to going to the airstrip we were interviewed by a fellow skydiver who was going to accompany us during the jump to take our photos and videos.

I was the first one to sit on the flight so obviously I was going to be the last one off the plane. The plane took off and set off butterfly’s in my stomach. After reaching the desired height the flight door was opened and that itself is an unusual situation.

One by one all my friends jumped out of the plane. As I walked towards the flight door I could see how high up we were but I was finally ready. There was only one way down. One – two and go! We jumped out of the plane. My tandem skydiver did not even wait for the third count. The very second we jumped its like a heavy force that drags you straight towards the ground and your world is shaken. After stabilizing in mid-air I got this feeling of accomplishment and began to shout out loud out of joy. My mouth dried up cause of the wind blowing into it cause of all the shouting. The view from the top was amazing. I could see the whole Palm Islands, Atlantis City and the Dubai Skyscrapers. It was one of the most beautiful sites.

Palm Dubai

After opening the parachute my tandem skydiver let me take control of the chute which was so much fun. Its was not as easy as it seemed and needed a lot of energy. After a good three minutes we landed and the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction had set in. I might’ve come back on ground but I felt like I was on top of the world. Skydive as an experience was serene and I suggest everyone must give it a shot. One thing off my bucket list.


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