4 unique fashion tips while you’re on an adventure

We’re always confused about clothing. “What to wear” is a common question we often ask ourselves and others. Our team member, Debanjali, has shared some of her fashion tips that might help you make your perfect adventure even more perfect. Comfort is essential for any adventure trip and style, well, everyone wants their perfect clicks too, right? So here’s what Debanjali has to share:


Fashion tips for travel

Every woman will face a dilemma of what to carry while going for an adventure trip.   Anybody, be it  teens or adult, wants to look fashionable while doing any of the sports activities – for one simple reason, to get the best clicks for good memories! But again, it varies from person to person. Your first thought while choosing an outfit should be your comfort level while on an adventure.

So, let me give you few fashion tips for 4 activities that fall under the Earth, Water and Sky categories.

{Note: For the Earth activates the clothes that you choose can be little experimental and not restricted, unlike the other adventure types.}

  1. Mountain Biking – You can go for cycling shorts and half sleeves jersey. Depending on the weather you can choose a jacket or a body fit bib tights or just a long/short cycling pants and a tank top.

mountain biking suit for girls

  1. Trekking – Again, here you can wear clothes depending on the weather conditions and the place you decide to go for trekking. You can showcase your fashion sense with accessories like shoes, watches & gaiters. For shoes, my personal choice will be Adidas Outdoor Terrex Skychaser GTX. For watches my preference will be Garmin Fenix 5 or Suunto core crush. But finally, it’s your choice.

adventure travel fashion tips

  1. Scuba diving – The first thing that should pop-up while going for this type of an adventure is waterproof makeup, every girl’s essential friend! Usually people do not wear watches while going for water activities but if you want, you can go for Garmin Fitbit, Nokia sleep & activity watch, Fitbit, etc. You can google for more options. Finally, for clothes you are supposed to wear scuba suits. But, you may also carry a swim suit if you wish to dip in!

watches for adventure travel

  1. Sky diving – The clothes depend on where you go for sky diving. If the place is a cold region, then your suit will be provided by the adventure camp. If it is a location that is not too cold, you can choose clothes according to your choice, keeping in mind the don’ts. For safety purposes, you can’t wear anything which has a collar t-shirt, sleeveless t-shirts, shorts. You can wear casual clothes such as checked shirts, stretchable jeans, any type of pullovers or any kind that suits your style!

sky diving suit


So ultimately if you don’t find a proper portal to shop, check out this site https://www.decathlon.in/2508-hiking-trekking This will help you find your best options. if you find my article helpful please don’t hesitate to connect with me.

fashion tip for adventure travel

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