3 tips that will help you click the perfect picture

Many times, we come back from our adventure and realise that some of the pictures that we took are not very great, overexposed, shaky or blur. And sadly, when can’t do much about it. So here are 3 tips that will help you click a perfect picture.

Focus adventure photography travel

1.Focus – Very simply this means that your image must be sharp. Usually we don’t realise but sometimes our photos are not sharp or appear to be shaky. This is especially true if you are taking pictures on your mobile phone or one-handed operation of your camera. By ensuring that your images are sharp and crisp you are making sure that you don’t lose out on precious memories. Using a tripod is advisable. 

2.Framing – The second most important thing is framing your shot well. It is the key to clicking great pictures. Make sure that all essential objects must be completely visible, for example if you are taking a portrait of someone make sure you don’t cut their forehead or an ear. Using the rule of thirds can also help.

Framing adventure photography travel

3.Choosing the right angle – This seems to be a very basic thing but is an important consideration when taking the perfect picture. Make sure that the angle you choose brings a nice depth or perspective to your image. A very simple example here is that when taking a portrait if the person or the subject is looking to the right, you can try taking a picture from the left side leaving some space to the right of the subject (this a typically called looking Space).

Hope this article proves to be helpful.

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