Bike Ride To Goa

bike ride to Goa

College days are the most memorable days of our lives. It is a period of ‘firsts’. First drink, first love, first trip with friends and a lot more. Our blogger Dhanil has had his share of memorable firsts too and has penned down one such experience, his first ride to Goa. A Goa trip with college friends is the biggest cliche of college life in India, but the moments spent there are always worth it. Here’s what Dhanil has to say about his experience:

As an engineer or any other college/school student from Mumbai, a holiday to Goa is nothing less than a dream destination. This was my situation as well and I decided to do something that I’m very passionate about, I rode to Goa. My plan was to party there for a few days and then ride back home. This dream finally came true I planned this with three of my rider buddies. This trip was particularly special to me because it was my first ride to Goa!

Our ride was planned for the month of December. It took us three months to plan it. Since we were students, we had budget constraints and we had to accordingly plan our stay and money for the food and drinks.

It was the last exam of my 7th Semester and 5 days later we were riding to Goa. It is said that if you think too much about your vacation and get restless about it, something bad happens! Just before I reached the exam hall, I met with an accident and tore my skin on the index finger. The generous driver accepted his mistake and took me to the hospital and then dropped me to college too.

However the main issue was we were going to ride to Goa in the next 5 days and I had 4 stitches in my index finger and one on the knuckle of my middle finger. As a ‘jugaad’ I got my gloves and taped a ruler below my index finger and middle finger and used the other two fingers for the front brakes and the accelerator. Just a day before the ride, my shiny Royal Enfield Continental GT arrived and I was thrilled! Needless to say, I forgot about wound and pain.

bike ride to Goa

So here it is, the most wonderful 5 days of my life. This is how it went:

Day 1: The ride to Pune: We all knew the road until Pune as it was one of our riding destinations but this time the excitement was a level above. We enjoyed the straights of Panvel like we were riding there for the first time. Every corner of the canyons of Khandala was full of Joy. We left at noon from Thane and reached Pune by evening. The entire place was as orange as it could be and this was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed!

Day 2: Destination Goa: Now the roads ahead were a new territory for us but the enthusiasm kept us going. The first spot that caught our attention were the ghats of Wai, continuous one-way roads with mountains on the left and a valley drop on the right. After these were the long straights of the Kagal section. The 3 lane tarmac highways post Satara were one of the best roads we road on. As we entered Karnataka, the roads got even wider and smoother.

We had to split from Nipani junction and head towards Goa via Amboli Ghat. Although the Amboli ghat roads were the horrible, the view was breathtaking. The beauty of nature mesmerized us! We took so many halts and very few pictures. We almost rode for more than 14 hours and were still energetic! The first thing we did was park the bikes, grab few pints of Goan beer and soak in the Goan atmosphere.

Day 3: North Goa: Even though we were staying in North Goa near Baga beach we had to visit the ‘Dil Chata Hai’ fort i.e. the Chapora fort. As we headed north, the thin roads of Goa city had challenges for us. It was scenic but people coming on the other side were probably enjoying Goa a little too much that they thought it was okay to drive while they were not in their sober state. Always remember, no matter where you’re going, please do not drink and drive. You never know when your best vacation could end up being your last vacation. You are also putting other lives at risk!

sunset at Goa

We went to Anjuna to check out the flea market. Then we headed to Vagator Beach, a beach from a cliff. It was beautiful! We then trekked to Chapora fort and spent the rest of the evening the Dil Chahta Hai way.

Day 4: Goa City: The next day we headed to see the actual Goa city. We went to places like Vasco Da Gama, Morjim, Panjim and St. Francis church. As the luck was on our side we got a chance to see the mummified body of St. Francis Xavier, which is taken out for restoration once every few years for restoration. We had a local goan lunch but being a vegetarian I didn’t really have much options. As the day ended, we visited Donna Paula for a beautiful view of the sunset. Later we got to know that the film Singham was shot at that place and it had banners of the movie all over the place. In between our travel, I made a quick visit to a city hospital and got my stitches removed. Now I could finally hit the beaches and enjoy the waves without worrying about my injury.

Church in Goa

Day 5: South Goa. A visit to Paradise beach: From our location to the beach it was more than 100 kms and a good 2 hour travel time. We were there by noon and we stayed at the beach for the entire day. The roads after Goa city get even better and there are continuous twists till we enter the beach section. Once we were at the beach we were pleasantly surprised! The beach was so clean and we could actually see the blue water upfront. There were not many people by the shore.

Day 6: The rest day: On the sixth day, we gave our bikes some rest. We walked to a local food joint and then headed to Baga beach to catch the sunset. It was Christmas and Goa was packed! There was no place to even walk on the beach. Everyone celebrating and having a great time! The entire place was lit up.

Day 7: Home sweet home: It was a beautiful morning with dense fog. Our return journey was a little exciting as we lost our way and rode for about 3 hours through unknown villages. Google Maps led us to this detour. Unbelievable, but true! It also came with its own set of perks though. That morning we had the best breakfast in some tiny village in Maharashtra. It was also the cheapest meal of our journey costing a 90 rupees for 4 of us.

We reached home late that day. This trip happened two years back and while writing this, I could still remember every single bit like it happened yesterday. It was indeed the most amazing trip! I urge you all to head out on adventures of your kind. You never know, the best moments of your life are all just a few adventures away.

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