Trek To The Himalayas

Adventure trip to the Himalayas

A trek to himalayas is perhaps the most beautiful thing one can ever do in their life. The snow clad mountains, lush greenery and the fresh weather make one of the best experiences. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to do a treat to Sar Pass with Youth Hostels association of India (YHAI).

Sar Pass is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, situated at a height of 13800 feet in the Shivalik Ranges of the Himalayas. Sar Pass is the highest point of the trek and is entirely covered with snow throughout the year. The best part about this place is that it is enriched with various types of Flora and Fauna, coupled with fresh water which gives you a mesmerising view.

scenic picture of the himalayas

The best time to visit Sar Pass is the month of April-june as the temperature is sustainable and one can trek with ease. We encountered temperatures ranging from (-8) to 12 degree celcius. Since the snow melts after June, you can hardly see any of it at the top.

We started our journey by taking a train to Delhi and then a bus to Manali which took us around 12 hours to reach. Our base camp was located at Kasol. We also got to do some local sightseeing at Kasol.

We indulged in adventure activities like rock climbing, river rafting and a small acclimatization trek just to get adjusted to the surroundings. The next day after we had our breakfast, we proceeded to our first campsite named Ful Panni. The trek was around 4-5 kms. The difficulty level was easy and the nature’s beauty was at its best!  Every night we used to have a camp fire program which was equally interesting. The second camp site was at Gula-Paani. The difficulty level was a bit higher than the previous one, but the sight seeing and the fresh weather made the trek look like a piece of cake! The third camp was located at Tilalotanni. From this camp site the actual snow starts and the white mountains seemed closer to us. After this campsite, we proceeded towards Sar Pass at 5 am.  We trekked for 8-9 hrs in knee deep snow and finally reached the summit (13800 feet). We got a. panoramic view of the Shivalik ranges. We then proceeded to a lower campsite called Beskari which was around 11000 feet. The next day we proceeded to Bundak Thatch (8000 feet) which is also called as “Mini Switzerland of India”. There is a mind blowing cricket ground near campsite! Finally, we came back to the base camp and were welcomed with cheers and claps. It was truly an incredible experience which puts your physical and mental health through some serious test!

The tremendous beauty of this trekking is not just the panoramic view of mountains but also the steepest hikes, hours of walk across the frozen lake, the feeling of accomplishment on the summit and the once in a lifetime slide of 2kms on the ice.

One should definitely visit Sar Pass. It perfectly helps you enjoy the and embrace the nature’s true beauty. The whole journey teaches you so many things that would make you want to travel and explore a lot more! Go out and live the adventure, you will certainly not regret it.

Special Pointers: Food provided from YHAI is exceptionally brilliant.

Backpacking stuff: Poncho, gloves, monkey cap, good hiking shoes, jacket, 3 pairs of socks, tissues, cap, 2 pairs of T-shirts and pants, sunscreen, swiss knife, medicines, 60L backpack, sun glasses and torch.

The Himalayas

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