Ready To Take The Jump Of Your Life? Head To Rishikesh

Bunjee Jumping is on most of our bucket lists. Our blogger Kaustubh, went ahead and ticked bunjee jumping off his list. Here’s what he has to say about his enthralling experience:

Sometimes I wonder what brand taglines actually mean to us. All of us read these taglines but do we actually live the emotion behind it? Well, my recent Bunjee Jump at Rishikesh made me realize the emotion behind Nike’s JUST DO IT.

Mighty Ganga with its intense milky flow cutting through huge lush green mountains on both sides is a treat for eyes. It is impossible to capture this even in the best of DSLRs available. However the valleys are equally deadly and threatening. As I was mesmerized by the whole scene, a thought crossed my mind “I will be jumping in one of these valleys in the next 30 minutes”. The feeling was sinking in and it was clearly visible on my face. My hands started sweating. I was scared, anxious and uncomfortable. “Tushar, I can’t do this”, I told my friend.

Mark, an Australian guy overheard my comment. Mark is a pro and has done Bunjee across 32 countries. A piece of advice from Mark was a game changer. He told me not to think about the jump till the last moment. Right from the registration desk to the jumping platform, Mark just kept on talking to me, to keep my mind diverted. We were having a good laugh when I heard the instructor call my name “Kaustubh, you are next”. I looked at Mark and all he said was “don’t think,  JUST DO IT”

I followed his advice, trusted the tried and tested systems of Jumping Heights and just jumped from the platform. It was the most memorable experience of my life. The adrenaline rush and the decibel level of my voice were at their peaks. It’s just impossible to put together in words how it feels to cruise in those valleys. One has to live it to experience it. I am so glad that I followed Mark’s advice and JUST DID IT without thinking about it too much.

Isn’t this advice useful in our day-to-day life as well? We keep on speculating and thinking and ultimately find reasons to not do it. We miss out on so many things just because we think too much. Rajesh Khanna thought too much before taking up the role in movie Sholey and ultimately he rejected it. A tall lanky fellow stepped in and the rest is history. So folks, thinking is good but over thinking is harmful. Trust the systems and just do it!

I trusted the globally proven safety systems of Jumping Heights as well. Their instructors are very friendly and happy to help. Jumping Heights provides the highest jumping platform in India at an exotic location like Rishikesh. So if you plan to jump, you know where to jump!

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Posted by Supriya Dubey

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