Friendship, The Hampi Way

Lloyd’s amazing travel experiences are always a hot topic among his friends. Everyone wants to accompany Lloyd in his adventures and be a part of his journeys. Lloyd’s friend Archana, is one such friend. Lloyd’s surprise for Archana is, as the millenial’s coin it, true friendship goals.

Lloyd told Archana to pack her bags and be ready for an adventure. She did not have any idea as to where he planned to take her. So this travel junkie here decided to take her to one of the most beautiful places in south India, Hampi.


Hampi is very rich in its culture and history. After reaching Hampi, they decided to take a tour around all its famous temples. They hired an autorickshaw to take them around. According to Lloyd, taking an auto was a very good decision because the auto drivers are almost like your own private drivers and they make sure that they drop you and pick you up from the temples. The tour guides at these locations provide a lot of information which you would not find otherwise. For instance, in Hampi there are particular stones at the Vittala Temple that generate a sound and this was used as instrument in the olden days. On any other given day Lloyd would not have hired a guide, however, because of Archana they ended up hiring a guide which turned out to be a blessing. They provide a lot of information which one would miss out on.

From temples and architecture to hippies and party spots, Hampi has it all. The cafes and party places are on the other side of the Thungabadra river. Lloyd and Archana knew exactly where to head to end their perfect getaway. Archana’s thoughts on this trip? Well, we can all guess! The perfect getaway with the perfect travel buddy to a perfect location. What more does one need?



Useful things you need to know before you head to Hampi

  1. You can cover Hampi in maximum two days.
  2. Do not forget to bargain with the auto drivers or else they’ll take you for a ride (pun intended).
  3. There is a beautiful Hanuman temple with 572 steps to get there. The view from the temple is breathtaking. Try to go in the evening and make it in time for sunset. The inner photographer in you will definitely not be able to resist this.


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