An Unexpected Trip To Spiti

It takes great courage to board a bus or train without any pre booking or idea of where it is headed. No matter how intimidating it sounds, the thrill that you seek from it cannot be expressed in words. Lloyd, also known as Wandering Lloyd, has shared a similar experience with Find Your Adventure.

Lloyd and his friend Kenny were supposed to go on a trip to Dharamshala. However, Kenny couldn’t make it because of some personal reasons. So Lloyd, being the person that he is, decided to travel alone.

After boarding his train to Delhi, Lloyd was in two minds whether to visit Dharamshala or another place. Spiti was one of the options that he considered. After reaching Delhi, Lloyd decided that he would head to the bus station and catch the first bus that came his way. The first bus that arrived at the bus stop was going to Dharamshala and Lloyd hoped onto it. While he was seated in the bus, he heard a bus conductor of another bus shouting out to the people that the bus was going to Manali. Lloyd then got out of the bus and walked towards the bus that took him to one of the most beautiful places, Spiti.

Lloyd traveled the entire night in a local Himachal Tourism bus, which was filled with passengers. After reaching Manali, he had to walk from the bus stop to the old Manali. He opted to walk because saving some money over transport would result in a better meal the next day. He started hunting for cabs the next day. It was quite a task! He went to almost all the cab agencies in Manali but did not find a cab. They were all too expensive for a single person. Later that day he bumped into a local taxi driver who helped him with directions but unfortunately, the taxi driver could not accommodate Lloyd with the other passengers in his taxi. So Lloyd gave his contact details to the taxi driver and told him to contact Lloyd if the taxi driver could help him out later. The next day, the same taxi driver called Lloyd and said that he was ready to help him and take him to his destination.

On his journey, Lloyd spoke to the other travellers about accommodation. He then decided to share a hotel room with three other Israeli men since it helps them reduce their travel expenses. After a day, he had to go looking for other travellers who would share the room with him since the three Israelis were leaving that day. He then came across two men, Peter and Gil, who agreed to share the accommodation with him. He met them at the local barber’s shop. The three of them decided to stay at Zostel. Zostel is an amazing place to stay. They have a few hostels at many tourist centric locations, that have a fun vibe to it.

Lloyd rented out a bike and went about visiting places around Spiti. He went to the Key Monastery in Kaza. The monastery was so serene and mesmerising that he decided to stay there till the next day. While staying there, he had to follow a timetable that was given to him by the monks. They served tea at 6 in the morning, followed by breakfast at 7, lunch at 11 and then dinner at 6pm.

The next day he met Kalpit. Kalpit and Lloyd ended up becoming friends during their journey and decided to travel back to Manali together. In Manali, they found a lot of travellers whom they had met on this journey. And then, they decided to have a meal together before they parted ways and headed back to their daily routine lives.

Lloyd’s journey is a perfect example of how adventure is literally everywhere. You just need to head out, take the first step and walk that path to create memories that will last a lifetime. We hope Lloyd’s story has motivated you to take that step!

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